My subversive entry: Inside Higher Ed caption contest, November 2017

Matthew Henry Hall’s amusing cartoon for the November IHE contest includes the text “Used only by permission” in the copyright statement. It depicts a faculty member standing in the doorway of the Admissions office, addressing a crowd of – I assume – prospective students.

“We value diversity, except in ideology. Free thinkers need not apply.”

(Winning caption: Not yet posted.)

My loser entry: New Yorker caption contest #591

The New Yorker initially posted the wrong cartoon for this contest …New Yorker caption contest #591

“Frankly, my dear …”

My caption should have been: “I really miss Mankoff.”

The cartoonist’s caption: “You have something stuck between your teeth.”

And here is the drawing the New Yorker intended for this contest,
and the caption I would have entered …

New Yorker caption contest #591

“I can change the water but first it has to really want to change.”

(Winning caption: “I can give you the tools, but you have to do the work yourself.”)