About Kenny

About Kenny
Kenny Moore

As a long-time public servant at both the Federal and state level, I have copious experience with micromismanagement. A few examples:

  • At an air force base where I worked, I and a few of my colleagues were selected to complete an ‘anonymous’ survey. We were summoned to a conference room, briefed by the Colonel on exactly what to include in our responses, and proctored by two armed Captains. The intent was clearly to intimidate, but I knew both Captains. One was far too nice to shoot me; the other was far too incompetent to hit me.
  • At a state department, we were instructed to order security cameras to be installed in the parking garage. Sounded like a good idea. The cameras arrived and the Director had all of them installed around her parking spot, so her car could be monitored from every conceivable angle. The entire rest of the garage remained unmonitored.
  • At that same state department, we developed a website that we knew would be very popular. We planned a soft launch to avoid an initial surge of users that would overwhelm the server. Instead, the Director, without informing anyone in IT, held a press conference to announce the great new website. She went ballistic when the site inevitably crashed.
  • Going back a bit further, I once worked at a pizza restaurant. I showed up for work one Saturday morning to find the furniture being loaded into a moving van. The manager was there and greeted me with “Oh, Kenny, did I forget to call you? We’re closed. I need the shirt back, by the way.” I declined to drive home topless and still have the shirt.

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