My loser entry: New Yorker caption contest #662

New Yorker caption contest #662

“I can never remember longship reception etiquette. Do bridesmaids row on the left or right?”

(Winning caption: “It’s about time they settled down and razed a village.” Steve Everhart, Tyrone, Pa.)

2 comments on “My loser entry: New Yorker caption contest #662

  1. I read a lot of funny entries, but two of the 3 finalists are meh.
    “Did you see the rock he gave her?”” He’s a viking or barbarian, not a cave man.

    “I love that no one wears the pants in their relationship.”
    So-so entry. Yeah, slighty amusing, sure but the Viking Cruise ones were funnier, even if there were gobs of them. Maybe they have a no brand names policy for the magazine.

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