My loser entry: New Yorker caption contest #591

The New Yorker initially posted the wrong cartoon for this contest …New Yorker caption contest #591

“Frankly, my dear …”

My caption should have been: “I really miss Mankoff.”

The cartoonist’s caption: “You have something stuck between your teeth.”

And here is the drawing the New Yorker intended for this contest,
and the caption I would have entered …

New Yorker caption contest #591

“I can change the water but first it has to really want to change.”

(Winning caption: “I can give you the tools, but you have to do the work yourself.”)

3 comments on “My loser entry: New Yorker caption contest #591

  1. Did you notice that the New Yorker posted this on Monday and Tuesday and then–after thousands of captioners submitted–switched the cartoon, invalidating those who submitted early?

    btw, great caption!

  2. Out here on the left coast the image is usually delayed on the main web page, so I check the image URL instead (pretty easy to figure out based on previous image URLs). I did notice the picture is credited to P. C. Vey when it is actually drawn by Kaamran Hafeez. IMHO this whole thing has been in decline since Mankoff left. Still fun though, and I still hope to win someday.

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