My finalist entry! New Yorker caption contest #569

New Yorker caption contest #569: Hovering above a business meeting.

“I’m from the oversight committee.”

The other finalists:

“Carry on. I’ll just be a fly on the wall.”
Submitted by Jake Hays, New York, N.Y.

“Mind if I jump in?”
Submitted by Daniel Ballen, New York, N.Y.

(Winning caption: “Mind if I jump in?”)

One comment on “My finalist entry! New Yorker caption contest #569

  1. I am incredibly fortunate in being a finalist in the New Yorker caption contest, with just my 43rd entry. Many people have tried for much longer without success. I did not have high hopes for this caption – did not think it would strike others as funny. I find it hilarious, as it is directly from my experience. California has a group of dedicated public servants responsible for IT project oversight. Nice people for the most part, doing their job, which includes dropping in unexpectedly at meetings. The reaction of the meeting participants is exactly as depicted in the cartoon. So, this caption came immediately to mind – the easiest caption I have ever written. The inevitable next phrase, after “I’m from the oversight committee”, is “I’m here to help.”

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