3 comments on “My loser entry: Cartoon Collections caption contest 2018-12-17

  1. Is that a political joke I’m missing?

    Mine was:
    She’d lie awake and think, “So many guns but he only shoots blanks in bed.”

    Or something. May have to try again.

  2. Trying again …
    “Your fetish secret is safe with me, Madam Speaker”. (See, Nancy Peolosi has a secret gun fetish. It’s funny because she is publicly anti-gun. OK, not funny. One more try … the only other thing I can think of is …)
    “In his later years, Flounder obsessed over the horse incident.”

  3. Tried thinking outside the box for a couple more:
    “Smitty N. Wesson would take his work home, much to the chagrin of his wife.”

    “Getting rid of the bed bugs would be harder now that they were packing heat.”
    (Doesn’t make a lot of sense, tiny bugs and full sized revolvers)

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