My loser entry and failed quest: Inside Higher Ed, December 2018

Disappointing. My quest to get banned from the far left Inside Higher Ed dot com has ended in abject failure. Their caption contest is being discontinued. This is the final cartoon, and my final conservative tweak at the academic elite …

“We can take comfort that he will always be remembered for discovering the Make Education Great Again star.”

(Winning caption: Not yet posted.)

My subversive entry: Inside Higher Ed caption contest, November 2017

Matthew Henry Hall’s amusing cartoon for the November IHE contest includes the text “Used only by permission” in the copyright statement. It depicts a faculty member standing in the doorway of the Admissions office, addressing a crowd of – I assume – prospective students.

“We value diversity, except in ideology. Free thinkers need not apply.”

(Winning caption: “I’m not gonna lie, working up to your potential
isn’t as important as having parents paying up to theirs.”)

My censored entry? Inside Higher Ed caption contest, June 2017

Censored for a second time by the Elite Academia at IHE. This time my caption was innocuous, so the People In Charge must have designated me a Thoroughly Dangerous Man who must be silenced regardless of circumstance. Really looking forward to tweaking the IHE PIC with a subversive caption submission each month.

Update: After a delay of about three weeks, when no winning caption was posted, IHE finally posted the caption below. I suspect censorship and cover-up, but it could be an honest oversight and me over-estimating my dangerousness. In any case, I’m still looking forward to tweaking the IHE PIC with a monthly libertarian-leaning caption entry.

Inside Higher Ed caption contest, June 2017: Dinosaur graduation

“With adversity comes opportunity, graduates. Evolve and take flight!”

(Winning caption: “So in closing I say….We did it fellow classmates…
and nothing can stop us now.”)