My subversive entry: Inside Higher Ed caption contest, November 2017

Matthew Henry Hall’s amusing cartoon for the November IHE contest includes the text “Used only by permission” in the copyright statement. It depicts a faculty member standing in the doorway of the Admissions office, addressing a crowd of – I assume – prospective students.

“We value diversity, except in ideology. Free thinkers need not apply.”

(Winning caption: “I’m not gonna lie, working up to your potential
isn’t as important as having parents paying up to theirs.”)

My censored entry? Inside Higher Ed caption contest, June 2017

Censored for a second time by the Elite Academia at IHE. This time my caption was innocuous, so the People In Charge must have designated me a Thoroughly Dangerous Man who must be silenced regardless of circumstance. Really looking forward to tweaking the IHE PIC with a subversive caption submission each month.

Update: After a delay of about three weeks, when no winning caption was posted, IHE finally posted the caption below. I suspect censorship and cover-up, but it could be an honest oversight and me over-estimating my dangerousness. In any case, I’m still looking forward to tweaking the IHE PIC with a monthly libertarian-leaning caption entry.

Inside Higher Ed caption contest, June 2017: Dinosaur graduation

“With adversity comes opportunity, graduates. Evolve and take flight!”

(Winning caption: “So in closing I say….We did it fellow classmates…
and nothing can stop us now.”)