This is a summary of how the characters appear in my imagination. Your experience may vary …

DanDan: About 40 | Asian american | Harvard MBA | Background in accounting | Convinced he knows everything about everything | Devoted father to his children from all three of his failed, abusive marriages | Reads Kant and Nietzsche, consistently misinterprets both | Stress does not affect him, he just causes it for others

LizLiz: Fifty-something | African american | High school graduate | Longtime by-the-book supervisor | Competent, kind, no-nonsense | Started as a secretary, rose to supervisor by working hard, producing results, and minding her own business | Leaves work stress at work | Dotes on her grandchildren

TommyTommy: Late twenties | Caucasian | Served six years in the Navy after high school – accustomed to following orders | Earned a B.S. in M.I.S. by taking night classes while in the Navy, and later at the local state college | Enjoys bicycling and hiking with his long-time boyfriend, which helps with Dan-induced stress

LisaLisa: Early twenties | Latina | Recent college graduate with degree in programming | Smart | Sassy | Reads science fiction, listens to jazz | Relieves stress by using sarcasm and sleeping around

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